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Gunman Stops Abortion

December 5, 1986

TURIN, Italy (AP) _ A man waving a gun interrupted doctors who were preparing to perform an abortion on his fiancee Friday, police reported.

They said Simone Levi, a 25-year-old medical student, was upset about the woman’s decision not to have their child.

Police gave this account:

The couple went to the Sant’Anna gynecological hospital together and Levi asked permission to take part in the procedure as a student.

Doctors agreed and Levi donned a surgical gown and slippers. He burst into the operating room waving a .22-caliber pistol, fired a shot into the ceiling and shouted, ″Get her out of here now 3/8″

Nurses and other patients fled in panic. The doctors took the woman to a recovery room where a hospital attendant managed to distract Levi and get the gun away from him.

Levi was taken away by police and his fiance was sent home.

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