Mayville working to fix water sediment issue

February 16, 2019

MAYVILLE — Discolored water coming from some faucets in Mayville is safe, but still irritating residents, who have taken to social media to complain about it.

Mayville Director of Utilities Nathan Kempke blames a large road construction project that ended in October for creating the problem.

A $5 million construction project replaced pavement, curb and gutter, storm sewer, signals, lighting, sidewalk, markings and signing on Highway 28 between Clark and Main streets and on Highway 67 between Ruedebusch and Horicon streets.

Kempke said the work required the city to close certain water valves throughout the city.

“It kind of shocks the system,” said Kempke. “Water ends up going through pipes in different directions than it normally would.”

That stirred up sediment in the pipes, Kempke said, which in turn has stirred up residents. Some residents have been posting on Facebook — including on the mayor’s official page — concerns about the water including photos of the yellow-ish or brown-ish water coming out of their faucets.

Kempke said he has spoken with other communities that have experienced similar issues and that he found it often takes months for the discoloration to settle down.

He said the utility is flushing out the system using fire hydrants as best as it can, but recent cold weather has made it more difficult, because water could end up icing up the streets. Kempke said the utility will continue to flush out the system in the spring when the weather will make it easier to do.

Kempke said anyone with questions or concerns about the water should contact him at 920-387-7906 ext 1223 or email nkempke@mayvillecity.com.