Investors in Neil Bush's Ignite Inc. educational software company include:

_Former President George Bush and Barbara Bush.

_The Nagase Brothers education company of Japan.

_Winston Wong, a Taiwan businessman who started the Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. with Chinese President Jiang Zemin's eldest son.

_Timothy Bridgewater, chief executive of Interlink Management, a venture capital firm he and Neil Bush started. Bridgewater donated $1,326 to the current President Bush's campaign and raised at least $100,000 for it.

_Les and Anne Csorba of Houston. The Csorbas served in the first Bush administration and gave $2,000 to George W. Bush's presidential campaign.

_Sofidiv Inc., a division of the Moet Henessy Louis Vuitton luxury goods company.

_Sunao Takatori, president of Yozan Inc., a Japanese semiconductor company.

_Mohammed Al Saddah of the Ultra Horizon Co. in Kuwait.

_Joseph Peacock of Crest Investment Co. Peacock gave $1,000 to the Bush campaign.

_Robert and Kay Gow of Naples, Fla. They gave $3,000 to the Bush campaign.

_Cairo businessman Hamza El Khouli, a Bush friend. El Khouli is considered close to Egypt's president and is chairman of the First Arabian Development and Investment Co., whose recent business includes a contract with the Egyptian government to help build a power plant.