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Laxalt Campaign Treasurer Says: “We Have Exceeded Expectations″

July 9, 1987

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Former Sen. Paul Laxalt’s presidential exploratory committee will tell the Federal Election Commission that it raised $820,000 through June 30 but money collected in June and processed early in July will raise this figure over $1 million, a spokesman said Thursday.

″As Senator Laxalt indicated in his announcement of the committee, a vital test of the viability of this effort would be our fund-raising strength and ability to run a lean campaign,″ said committee treasurer Jerry Dondero. ″On both counts, we have exceeded expectations.″

In his announcement, Laxalt, a Republican and a former senator from Nevada, said he believed he needed $2 million by Oct. 1 to be able to mount a viable campaign for the GOP nomination.

Dondero said the committee raised $1.035 million in its first six weeks. He said the first $820,000 of this would be reflected in the report to be filed by July 15 with the FEC, and early July processing of events held in June would bring it over the million mark.

The treasurer said the campaign has $600,000 cash on hand. He said the money so far has been raised without direct mail fund-raising, but direct mail will be used during the next quarter.

″The fact that 60 percent of the gross amount is still on hand after fund- raising costs and committee operating expenses means that contributors are assured that their money is going where it should - into the campaign,″ Dondero said.

He said funds had been obtained from nearly 1,100 contributors in 36 states.

In the past 35 days, he said, Laxalt appeared in campaign functions in Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Arizona, New Jersey, South Carolina, New York, Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Montana, Idaho and California.

Laxalt has said that he hopes to make a respectable showing in New Hampshire, Iowa and the South’s ″Super Tuesday″ regional primary and then capitalize on his strength in the Western states.

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