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Disregard outdated story on pope’s Mass.

February 24, 2019

Stations: Please note that the Mass celebrated by Pope Francis at the end of the four-day summit on church sex abuse has concluded. Due to a technical glitch, an outdated story that says the pope is celebrating Mass continues to appear in the Right Nows. Please disregard it.

The following updated story may be used in its place:


Pope vows to end abuse cover-ups but victims disappointed

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis closed out his extraordinary summit on preventing clergy sex abuse by vowing Sunday to confront abusers with “the wrath of God” felt by the faithful, end the cover-ups by their superiors and prioritize the victims of this “brazen, aggressive and destructive evil.”

Francis delivered his remarks at the end of Mass before 190 Catholic bishops and religious superiors who were summoned to Rome after more abuse scandals sparked a credibility crisis in the Catholic hierarchy and in Francis’ own leadership.

The pope’s failure to offer a concrete action plan to hold bishops accountable when they failed to protect their flocks from predators disappointed survivors, who had expected more from the first-ever global Catholic summit of its kind.

The Vatican did announce Sunday that it would soon issue a new law creating a child protection policy for Vatican City State that covers the Holy See bureaucracy.