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Burundi Troops Kill 30 Hutu Rebels

October 1, 1999

NYAMBUYE, Burundi (AP) _ Government troops have killed 30 Hutu rebels in operations near the capital, a military spokesman said Friday.

The operation followed reports that Hutu rebels had killed up to seven people late Tuesday in the northern Bujumbura neighborhoods of Gasenyi and North Mutanga.

Attacks by both rebels and the Tutsi-dominated army in and around the capital have escalated in recent months. Since 1993, more than 200,000 people, mostly Hutu civilians, have died in fighting between the two sides.

Army spokesman Longin Minani said government troops on Thursday also seized rebel arms caches in Mutambu, 16 miles south of Bujumbura.

Meanwhile, the Rome-based Roman Catholic missionary news agency MISNA accused government troops of killing 40 Hutus in attacks late Tuesday night in several northern Bujumbura neighborhoods.

The Defense Ministry, in a statement Wednesday, said the attack was a rebel raid in which five residents were killed.

An estimated 260,000 residents of rural Bujumbura have been sent to camps in the region run by the military, U.N. officials said. The government said the camps were set up to protect people against rebel raids.

But inhabitants said they were being forced to remain in the squalid camps against their will without food or water, and many people were dying of disease.

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