Sold: Frying Pan Tower flag sells for more than $10,000

October 1, 2018
The American flag is beaten by Hurricane Florence's winds as it flys from Frying Pan Tower off North Carolina's coast. (Photo Courtesy of explore.org)

The storm-tattered Frying Pan Tower flag made famous during Hurricane Florence sold on ebay Sunday for $10,900, and the funds will go to help storm victims.

After the flag, which went viral during the height of the storm, was damaged by Florence, Frying Pan Tower owner Richard Neal donated it o the American Red Cross, which put it up for bid on ebay, where it sold for $10,900.

100 percent of the auction’s proceeds will go directly to Hurricane Florence relief assistance through the American Red Cross.

Neal purchased Frying Pan Tower, a former Coast Guard light station approximately 34 miles off the coast, in an auction in 2010. He and volunteers have since restored the tower and converted it into a bed and breakfast.

While the famous flag is raising money for hurricane victims, a new flag flies at the tower. Normal protocol for the flag, Neal said, is to replace it once it begins to become tattered. The flag is then retired.

“Flying the American flag in strenuous or difficult or dangerous circumstances when you can’t really do anything about it but stand behind it with pride and honor is kind of something we thought was an appropriate way of handling this,” Neal said.

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