Did you know? USCA has strong ties to equine community

March 22, 2019

With the Pacer as its mascot, USC Aiken has a special connection to Aiken’s equine community.

USCA also sponsors Pacers and Polo, the third leg of Aiken’s Triple Crown.

Here are some other horse-related information and trivia from USCA.

• What is a Pacer? “A horse bred or trained to have a distinctive lateral gait in which both legs on the same side are lifted together, used in some types of racing,” according to pacerpumppartspimi.wordpress.com.

• What’s USCA’s mascot’s name? Ace

• How long has USCA sponsored Pacers and Polo? 16 years

• For what are the proceeds from Pacers and Polo used? Student scholarships

• What equestrian extracurricular activities does USCA offer? Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, for Western riding and hunt seat; polo; eventing; and Intercollegiate Dressage Association, for dressage

• What is the name of the horse statue in front of USCA’s Penland Building? Spirit

• What is the name of the circle where the horse statue is located? Nat Stetson Circle. Stetson, with his wife, Helen, were long-time friends of the university.

• Does USCA offer equine courses? Yes, online