Trump urges Chicago to implement ‘stop and frisk’ policy

October 8, 2018

President Trump said Monday he’s urging officials in Chicago to curb their violent crime by implementing the controversial police practice known as stop and frisk.

“It works and it was meant for problems like Chicago,” Mr. Trump said in an address before the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Orlando.

Stop and frisk is a policy in which police question and frisk a person if they believe the person may have committed a crime or is engaging in suspicious behavior. The policy started in the early 1990s when current Trump adviser Rudolph Giuliani was mayor.

During his speech Monday, Mr. Trump touted the policy’s success during the Giuliani era, saying New York went from an “unacceptably” dangerous city to among the safest in the country.

“It works,” Mr. Trump said. “Got to be properly applied, but stop and frisk works. The crime spree is a terrible blight on [Chicago] and we’ll do everything possible to get it done.”

Civil liberties groups have criticized the stop and frisk policy, arguing that it is racial profiling. In 2013, a federal judge said the program was not implemented in a constitutional manner.

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