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Charles and Diana Wind Up Visit; Prince Criticized Back Home

November 7, 1987

CELLE, West Germany (AP) _ Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Britain flew to Celle today on the last day of their weeklong West German tour. Back home in England, lawmakers complained about a speech Charles had made.

The royal couple were greeted at the airport in Celle by Ernst Albrecht, governor of Lower Saxony state. They were then driven in a limousine through Celle, about 25 miles north of Hanover, to city hall.

They were scheduled to tour the British army garrison at Celle and lunch with state officials at the Herrenhausen Castle near Hanover before returning to London from Hanover airport in the late afternoon.

Charles and Diana landed at Celle’s airport after a flight from Hamburg, where they had been greeted by thousands of cheering people and a small pro- IRA protest during a two-day visit.

In England, meanwhile, the prince got in hot water with some lawmakers and newspapers Friday over a speech he gave in West Germany that touched on Britain’s nuclear weapons and praised German military prowess.

Charles said in a speech Thursday at a military academy in Neubiberg: ″Britain is a nuclear power, albeit one whose nuclear deterrent is committed to the (NATO) alliance and, therefore ... acts as an umbrella for the Federal Republic″ of Germany.

Labor legislator Frank Dobson, a party spokesman on foreign affairs, said Charles was wrong to make comments on nuclear weapons and he should steer clear of politically sensitive issues.

Several newspapers pounced on a comment Charles made about ″the excellence of (German) military officers.″ They said it was a blunder coming three days before Remembrance Sunday, when Britain commemorates its dead in two wars fought against Germany this century.

During the royal couple’s visit to Hamburg on Friday, police said about 10 militant squatters standing on the roof of a rundown building near the harbor fired two flares at a police helicopter and another red flare at a patrol car.

The flares did not hit the helicopter or the car, and the royal couple was not endangered, police said. A banner saying ″Victory to the IRA″ appeared on the same building as Charles and Diana viewed the harbor from a boat.

The British royal heir and his wife were too far away to see the incident.

Elsewhere in Hamburg, the royal couple received an enthusiastic welcome from thousands of people turned up in a drizzle to cheer them.

Charles and Diana were driven in a bulletproof limousine and under police escort to a large department store in downtown Hamburg to visit an exhibition of British products, including a Rolls-Royce, gingerbread and cheddar cheese.

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