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Bomb Addressed To Governor Found In Capitol Mail Room

January 1, 1993

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) _ A package bomb addressed to Gov. Pete Wilson was found in the mail room of the state Capitol, officials said.

The device, a wrapped parcel filled with explosive powder and shrapnel, was discovered Saturday by a mail handler who became suspicious. It was disarmed without incident, Capt. Bob Donnalley said Tuesday.

″Obviously, I am deeply disturbed about this, but a bomb of that kind is highly unlikely to reach me,″ Wilson said in a televised interview Tuesday.

″But if they are trying to kill or maim people who work for state government, it is possible they could succeed,″ Wilson said. ″If their purpose is to kill the innocent, I think they are deranged.″

Donnalley said an internal security review was under way.

″Any time such an incident as this occurs, security arrangements are always reviewed and critiqued,″ Donnalley said.

Pieces of the device were analyzed Tuesday in laboratories of the state Department of Justice in Sacramento and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in Walnut Creek, officials at both agencies said.

The U.S. Postal Service also was investigating the incident.

The parcel was a ″cube-style″ package about 10 inches square, with a spring-loaded lid similar to a mousetrap. If the lid had been lifted, it would have sprung some sort of detonator that would have ignited the powder, a Sacramento-area law enforcement officer who demanded anonymity said in Tuesday’s San Jose Mercury News.

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