Wayne man accused of throwing knife, stabbing woman

November 29, 2018

WAYNE — The following information was provided by criminal complaints filed in Wayne County Magistrate Court:

DOMESTIC BATTERY: A Wayne man is accused of stabbing a woman during a domestic situation that was reported Monday on Farren Road.

Jessie Dwayne Grimmett, 24, was jailed at 9 p.m. Monday. Authorities in Wayne County charged him with domestic battery and malicious wounding. Bond was not set.

According to the criminal complaint, two witnesses who were in the residence told police the female victim and the suspect were arguing prior to the incident. One witness told police she saw the suspect grab the victim by her hair and throw her against a couch, and both alleged they heard the victim scream outside the residence and saw a knife protruding from her back when they went to check on her. The witnesses said they recognized the knife as one the suspect allegedly regularly carried on him.

The suspect told police he and the victim had been arguing and that he retrieved his knife from his side, throwing the knife at the victim with intentions of harming her, the complaint states. The complaint also states the suspect told officers he practices throwing knives regularly.

The following information was provided by police reports filed at the Cabell County Sheriff’s Office.

SHOPLIFTING, ASSAULT: One man was arrested on multiple charges Sunday in the 700 block of Huddleston Avenue in Barboursville after allegedly shoplifting and assaulting officers when they attempted to apprehend him.

Donald Ray Davis II, 30, was booked at Western Regional Jail at 11:30 p.m. Sunday. Authorities in Cabell County charged him with misdemeanors for shoplifting, obstructing, assault on an officer and possession of a controlled substance. Authorities also executed an outstanding warrant for domestic battery. Bond was set at $15,200. Davis was also issued a $5,000 property bond.

According to the police report, Davis attempted to sell some items at Plato’s Closet in Barboursville, leaving his name, address and phone number, then allegedly took a pair of shoes off the shelf and placed them on his feet and concealed his own shoes in his pants and exited the store.

The report states police located Davis at his residence hiding in a closet. Officers attempted to remove the suspect from the closet and he allegedly became combative with the officers, attempting to strike them upon exiting. One officer struck the suspect three times on the head and delivered multiple knee strikes before the suspect was restrained.

The suspect requested medical attention twice and was cleared by both EMS and Cabell Huntington Hospital. Corrections officers allegedly located approximately 0.4 grams of suspected crystal methamphetamine on his person when he was taken to Western Regional Jail. The report states it was unclear whether the suspect was under the influence at the time of the incident.

The following information was provided by police reports from the Huntington Police Department:

The Huntington Police Department listed 12 new incident reports in the 24-hour period ending at 3 p.m. Tuesday, according to the printout released by the department. However, the individual police reports were not made available, so these are the only known details:

Breaking and entering auto, 9 p.m. Sunday, 2900 block of Washington Boulevard.

Destruction of property — misdemeanor, burglary, entry of dwelling or outhouse, 5 a.m. Sunday, 1400 block of 5th Avenue.

Petit larceny, 1:05 p.m. Nov. 1, 2900 block of 4th Avenue.

Breaking and entering auto, 8 p.m. Sunday, 600 block of 15th Street.

Destruction of property — misdemeanor, burglary, entry of dwelling or outhouse, 8:30 a.m. Monday, 200 block of Clemm Street.

Breaking and entering auto, 3 p.m. Monday, 2500 block of 3rd Avenue.

Burglary, entry of dwelling or outhouse, 10:30 p.m. Sunday, 600 block of Marcum Terrace.

Fraudulent use of a credit card — value less than $1,000, 7:12 p.m. Jan. 1, 400 block of Camden Road.

Grand larceny, 7 p.m. Sunday, 600 block of South Terrace.

Breaking and entering, 6 p.m. Nov. 21, 1200 block of 7th Avenue.

Warrant service/execution, 2:51 a.m. Tuesday, 1100 block of 20th Street.

Burglary, entry of dwelling or outhouse, 3 p.m. Saturday, 1100 block of 9th Avenue.

The following information was provided by booking records kept at Western Regional Jail:

Richard Lee Adkins, 54, was jailed at 10:30 p.m. Monday. Authorities in Cabell County charged him with third-offense DUI, second-offense driving revoked for DUI and reckless driving. Bond was set at $25,000.

Justin Chad Arbogast, 31, was jailed at 10 p.m. Monday. Authorities in Mason County charged him with grand larceny. Bond was set at $30,000.

Leeza Danielle Bartles, 24, was jailed at 7 p.m. Monday. Authorities in Mason County jailed her on an active warrant. Bond was not set.

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