Socialism Has Tried And Failed

January 28, 2019

Editor: Venezuela is now just the latest example of the scrap heap of countries that have tried and failed using socialism. Here is what socialism has brought to Venezuela, a country that once had the highest standard of living in Latin America. The average Venezuelan has lost 17 pounds due to a scarcity of food in the country. The economy, which relied almost exclusively on oil exports, 95 percent of which went to the U.S., is in complete collapse with inflation rates in 2018 reaching 1 million percent, compared to 2 percent in the U.S. One of the most-discussed aspects of socialism talks about free education for all. If you want a free education, earn a scholarship. Why should the person who overachieved and worked their tail off for four years in high school get the same amount of money as the person who underachieved and finished in the middle of the pack? Not everyone qualifies for or is cut out for college. One of the greatest success stories in this area is the Wilkes-Barre Career and Technical Center, which has poured out thousands of workers from nurses to auto workers and every trade you can name. In over 100 instances worldwide over the past 100 years, socialism has tried and failed. Nowhere in socialism does it reward individual achievement and if you want someone else doing the work for you, you have set the bar incredibly low for yourself. What works, and will always work, is capitalism, competition and the free market, the ability of the individual and the freedom to spend their money and invest their money any way they choose regardless of the results. Be thankful you live in the United States, where you are free to make your own choices win or lose. Matthew Burdett PITTSTON

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