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DA: France To Extradite US Fugitive

July 24, 2000

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin has signed extradition papers ordering that fugitive and convicted murderer Ira Einhorn be returned to Pennsylvania, Philadelphia officials said.

District Attorney Lynne Abraham said in a statement that she was pleased that Jospin signed the papers Friday. But she said she still feared Einhorn, convicted in absentia of killing his former live-in girlfriend, would escape trial in the United States.

Einhorn and his attorneys have 60 days to make a final appeal to France’s Council of State, the country’s highest legal administrative body, she said.

``I am very pleased that Prime Minister Jospin has signed the extradition papers and I am happy that the process is moving forward toward his facing justice,″ Abraham said. ``However, given his track record, I am still concerned that he is going to flee. He has vowed never to return to Philadelphia.″

A spokesperson on duty late Monday night in Jospin’s office said they didn’t have any details on any papers being signed and suggested a reporter call back Tuesday.

Einhorn, 60, fled the country in 1981, shortly before his trial in a Pennsylvania court. The former prominent anti-war activist in Philadelphia was sentenced to life in prison for the 1977 slaying of Holly Maddux. The Tyler, Texas, woman’s corpse was found stuffed in a trunk in a closet at Einhorn’s Philadelphia home.

Einhorn has denied killing Maddux but blames her death on a conspiracy involving ``large intelligence agencies.″ Under a new Pennsylvania law, he would face retrial on his return.

He was arrested in France in June 1997. A French appeals court ruled more than a year ago that Einhorn should be returned to stand trial.

Einhorn and his wife, Annika Flodin Einhorn, live near Bordeaux.

If Einhorn returns to Philadelphia and faces a trial, he would not be eligible for the death penalty because Pennsylvania did not have the death penalty in place when the crime occurred.

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