Golf teaches valuable life lessons -- Brody Andes

August 1, 2018

I am a local high school student concerned about golf in Madison.

Golf has a reputation of being a old rich man’s sport. Many courses are private and very expensive. Anyone who doesn’t want to pay the big bucks has limited access to the game. The city of Madison is considering closing of one of two public courses: either Yahara Hills or Monona. The city claims the courses don’t produce enough revenue, and one must be closed in order to consolidate the market.

As someone who was first introduced to golf through these public courses, I am greatly concerned about the lack of inclusion in the exclusive game of golf.

The city needs to change its focus from money to people. The most important reasons to keep the public courses open are the passionate golfers of Madison and the lessons the game can teach people. Not only are adult league players filling up the tee sheet, but kids are also learning the game through the these public courses.

If this is taken away, kids will lose the opportunity to learn valuable life lessons like courtesy, perseverance and observation -- lessons I have learned through golf.

Brody Andes, Verona

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