Hagedorn too extreme for high court -- Dick Schultz

March 28, 2019

When this Wisconsin Supreme Court race began, it looked like a traditional left vs. right race, like we have seen several times before. That is not the case. It turns out this race is between the chief judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, Lisa Neubauer, and a political extremist, Brian Hagedorn.

When Hagedorn’s views became better known, a group supporting him, the Wisconsin Realtors Association, not only withdrew their support, but asked for their $18,000 back.

Neubauer is a well-respected jurist, who will see that the law is interpreted the way it was written, not the way she thinks it should be written.

Please join me in rejecting extremism, and supporting Neubauer -- the best candidate by far for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Dick Schultz, Fort Atkinson