Vos didn’t deserve front-page article -- Marilyn McDole

December 31, 2018

The State Journal on Dec. 23 wasted and misused front-page and inside space in the print edition with a misguided devotional article about Robin Vos.

Vos is the arrogant leader of the Wisconsin Assembly. Why the newspaper chose to use this space during Christmas week is a puzzler. What is needed at this time are calm, joyful stories, not lengthy stories about Wisconsin’s popcorn-making political hack.

The picture of Vos tried to show the illusion that he has dignity and gravitas. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is morally bankrupt, with ex-wives and a scurrilous political reputation.

Though we should not be surprised by the very lengthy article, supposedly to inform people of Vos’ fine, upstanding background, the deceptive picture and article turned my stomach.

Marilyn McDole, Oregon

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