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Communist Party Elects First Woman Leader

January 14, 1990

LONDON (AP) _ The Communist Party of Great Britain on Sunday elected its first woman general secretary, Nina Temple, who is the party’s news media and publicity officer.

The party’s executive committee voted 34 to 1, with three abstaining.

Miss Temple, 33, succeeds Gordon McLennan, 62, who retired as leader of the 7,500-member party after 14 years.

She said the party ″has become completely marginalized in British society -partly because of its association with those huge edifices in Eastern Europe which were so undemocratic, and partly because of our own self-imposed limitations.″

Miss Temple joined the Communist Party at age 13 and became general secretary of the Young Communist League. Her father, Landon Temple, runs Progressive Tours, which promotes visits to the Soviet Union.

Hard-liners broke away from the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1984, following McLennan’s attempts at moderation, and formed a splinter party.

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