Resurfacing of Ohio 82 in North Royalton now includes curb and catch basin repairs

January 29, 2019

Resurfacing of Ohio 82 in North Royalton now includes curb and catch basin repairs

NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio – The city’s estimated share of the cost to resurface Ohio 82 between York Road and the eastern border with Broadview Heights – a project scheduled for later this year – has risen from $234,000 to $634,750.

That’s because the city has added the repair of damaged catch basins and curbs to the work, said city engineer Mark Schmitzer.

Schmitzer said several catch basins along the 2.6-mile length of the project are older and made of brick, and some of the bricks have become dislodged. Catch basin frames have sunk in the road and are not allowing water into the storm sewers properly.

Originally, the total cost of the 82 resurfacing was estimated at $1.2 million. A federal grant was to cover 80 percent of that amount while the city was to pay 20 percent, or $234,000.

However, the grant will help pay for the resurfacing only. The city must pay 100 percent of any additional costs, including the catch basin and curb repairs, Schmitzer said.

Amanda McFarland, spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Transportation, which is managing the 82 resurfacing, said ODOT was scheduled to seek bids for the job by this week. Construction is slated to begin in May and end in October. Flaggers will maintain two-way traffic during construction.

The resurfacing is expected to overlap with the widening of 82 between York and West 130th Street at the western border with Strongsville. Workers will add a center turning lane to the two-lane road so that drivers waiting to turn left will no longer hold up through traffic.

Work on the widening started last summer. McFarland said the estimated completion date is July 2021.

DiGioia-Suburban Excavating LLC in North Royalton won the contract to widen 82 after submitting a low bid of $14.7 million.

Federal money, administered through the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, will pay for about 72 percent of the costs, or $10.6 million, according to Schmitzer.

The city and Cuyahoga County, which is managing the road-widening project, will “generally” split the remaining $4 million in costs, Schmitzer said, although the city will pay for 100 percent of some line items that weren’t eligible for federal funds.

In addition to the center turning lane, improvements to 82 will include:

Widening intersections so that trucks, which now have trouble turning onto 82, can do so without drifting left of center.Replacement or improvement of traffic lights. Timing will be adjusted to keep cars moving. “There will be some newer technologies requested by the Police Department for better flow of traffic along the corridor,” Schmitzer said. “All the lights, poles, walk signals and signs will be new.“Construction of sidewalks, where none exist now, on both sides of the street.Covering roadside drainage ditches on both sides of the street to create storm sewers.Inspection, improvement or replacement of four culverts that run under 82. Flooding has occurred at these culverts, and workers will make sure they are clean and not crumbling.Construction of a new storm water detention basin at Abbey Road.

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