Have you noticed the backward storm grate near the Fort Pitt Tunnel entrance?

August 20, 2018

A Change.org petition asked road workers to flip this storm drawn grate near the entrance to the Fort Pitt Tunnel inbound so the painted line would match up with the rest of the road. A PennDOT spokesman said Friday, Aug. 10, 2018, that the grate would be in its proper spot before the end of the weekend.

Anal-retentive Pittsburghers united against a backward storm drain near the entrance to the Fort Pitt Tunnel inbound appear to have PennDOT’s attention.

A Change.org petition simply asked that someone flip the grate of a storm drain that appears to be out of place in the left lane.

“We need someone to flip the storm grate so the yellow line lines up with the rest of the road’s lines,” creator Ryan Vigne wrote in the petition.

More than 300 people signed the petition created two weeks ago. And they will likely get their wish.

Steve Cowan, local spokesman for PennDOT, said he made the tunnel manager aware of the backward grate.

“They will put the grate back to the original configuration before the end of the weekend,” Cowan wrote in an email to the Tribune-Review on Friday.

A photo attached to the petition shows - and a check of Google Maps’ Street View feature confirms - a grate apparently painted over when lines were marked along left edge of the road has somehow ended up backward.

The portion of the line painted on the grate is to the right of the rest of the line - out of line, if you will.

And it’s clearly driving some people crazy.

“How much traffic congestion has been caused by those of us upset by this line who reflexively slow down at this critical spot?” supporter Emily Keebler asked in the comments portion of the petition.

“This triggers my OCD,” wrote Bradley Jenkins. “Please fix it.”

William Birsic, in true Pittsburgh fashion by dropping the infinitive, wrote: “This needs correcting!”

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