Commission discusses Interurban Trailhead

February 7, 2019

The Watertown Park, Recreation and Forestry Commission received an update on the Interurban Trailhead project on what department would be responsible for the funding in the 2020 budget.

Director Randy Wojtasiak of the park, recreation and forestry department said the city will have to front the money for a Knowles Nelson grant it received for the $125,000 project. Upon completion, Knowles Nelson would refund 44 percent of the money.

“It will either be streets by the park department or our recreation budget that will budget for that for 2020,” Wojtasiak said.

The park, recreation and forestry department has started the process of reaching out to different agencies to request for quotes for the Five Year Park and Open Space Plan.

“The plan is to have some quotes in hand for next month’s meeting for the commission to review and hopefully choose one of those agencies to do the project for us,” Wojtasiak said.

Members of the commission reviewed three renderings from Wojtasiak and the city’s engineering department for the riverwalk observation deck in the lower dam behind the 7UP distributor. The observation deck had to be removed when renovations were being done at the dam and it could not be salvaged.

The commission voted to name the micro park on 429 S. Concord Ave. Heron View Park.

“There’s still work to be done and our hope is that it would be usable to the public very soon,” Wojtasiak said.

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