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Giuliani: ‘Not Walking, I’m Running’

February 11, 2000

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) _ To no one’s suprise, New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani stated outright Friday that he is running for the U.S. Senate.

After a stump speech on the porch of the clapboard house that serves as Westchester County Republican headquarters, Giuliani was asked if he was an official candidate.

``I don’t know what an official candidate is,″ he said. ``I am very interested in running. I am running. Look what I’m doing, I’m not walking. ... Give me a break, I’m running.″

Though Giuliani has long campaigned as the GOP candidate against Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, until Friday he had not actually said the words ``I’m running.″

Last Sunday, while making the rounds of political talk shows, he found various ways to avoid it, coming closest when he said ``Looks that way″ when a questioner asked if he planned to run. But he also said Sunday, ``There’s always doubt.″

Despite Giuliani’s statement, his campaign manager, Bruce Teitelbaum, said it ``should not be construed as his official announcement.″

``This may be the first time he’s said those words, but he’s said that kind of thing before,″ Teitelbaum said. ``No decision has been made on an official announcement, and there may not be one.″

Clinton made her formal announcement Sunday, in a college gymnasium packed with thousands of supporters and bedecked with red, white and blue posters.

``We welcome the mayor to the race,″ said her campaign spokeswoman, Karen Dunn. ``Maybe now he will start talking about what he would do as a United States senator.″

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