3. Waiters and waitresses

August 23, 2018

Photo Credit: Hero Images Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

Millennial percent of total employment: 56.4%Median age of all employees: 26.6Total employment: 2,016,000 (7% projected growth)Median annual wage: $20,820Typical entry-level education: No formal educational credential

Waiters and waitresses have the lowest median age (26.6) on this list as well as the lowest median annual wage ($20,820). Waiters and waitresses take orders and serve food and beverages at restaurants. No formal education is required, and waitstaff learn their responsibilities on the job. The total employment in this area is 2,016,000, the highest number on this list. Notably, this category does not include cafeteria workers, concession stand employees, baristas, or bartenders.

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