Entergy: Don’t let old man winter drive up your energy bills

January 18, 2019

Cold weather is headed to Southeast Texas this weekend. While many of their customers associate hot temperatures with a rise in their electricity bill, Entergy Texas says sometimes they forget that very cold temperatures can also cause higher bills. The company suggests making a plan to manage your usage and your Entergy bill.

It’s likely that many customers could see high bills if the cold weather sticks around. That’s because it takes more energy to keep a home comfortable at 68 degrees when it’s 15 degrees outside than when it’s 34 degrees. Simply put, the bigger the difference between inside and outside temperatures, the more energy consumers use. Using more electricity costs more money.

This is especially true in cases where the home is heated with electricity and the home is not insulated well. Mobile homes are especially at risk of high bills in winter because they often are both all-electric and inefficient. Space heaters also require significant electricity, causing big spikes in usage.

Entergy Texas provides several ways for customers to manage their energy usage and make the bills more predictable.

Entergy Solutions - They offer many programs that are free to customers through rebates and incentives that will make homes and businesses more energy efficient. Some programs even pay the consumer to use less electricity. Go to their website to find the right programs to meet consumer’s needs.

Level Billing - Using a 12-month rolling average, Level Billing can make your bill more predictable each month and allow for better budgeting. There are no surprises when the outside temperatures are extremely cold in the winter or hot in the summer. Entergy Texas also offers flexible options for paying that bill, including what time of month the bill is due through Pick-A-Date.

The Power to Care - For customers struggling to pay their winter energy bills, Entergy Arkansas offers a program that assists elderly and disabled low-income customers through their customer-assistance fund called The Power to Care. It is funded by Entergy employees, customers and shareholders. For more information on The Power to Care and other programs that can help residents with bill assistance, visit the Help for Paying Your Electric Bills section of the Entergy website.

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