See Oakland’s Ramon Laureano’s crazy throw? Some Pirates rival it

August 24, 2018

The warning-track catch and throw from the Oakland Athletics’ Ramon Laureano on Saturday in Anaheim was the most stunning highlight of the baseball weekend.

Ok. I take that back. The most stunning highlight of the baseball season.

So it got me thinking of some other stellar outfield throws we can remember from Pirates over the years.

You have to start with this iconic laser from Dave Parker in the Kingdome during the 1979 All-Star game to gun down Brian Downing.

You can’t show that missile without the other one from that night to get Jim Rice as well.

For that effort, the Cobra won the MVP of that game. However, if we are talking about great arms in right field for the Pirates, you know who started the legend.

Roberto Clemente got the legacy of great right field arms going. Parker maintained it in the 1970s, and for a while, it looked like Jose Guillen was going to bring it back in the late 1990′s.

Guillen wasn’t close to the player those other two guys were. However, that rocket may have been the best we’ve ever seen in a Pirates uniform when you consider the distance and how little momentum he had moving into the throw after it bounced off the wall.

Maybe Gregory Polanco can keep things up for a while in right field now.

Laureno was playing center field, so how about a little love for Andy Van Slyke?

That was from 1988 when Van Slyke won the Gold Glove and had 12 outfield assists.

Although, for as good as Van Slyke was chucking it from center, I can’t remember anything like that one from Laureano.

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