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‘Ask Hub Arkush:’ Any chance Bears sign Gerald McCoy?

Staff WriterMay 27, 2019

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Is Trey Burton in jeopardy of being cut in camp? Submitted by Mike Barbacovi

Mike, is this a serious question? Why would he be? No!

Who are your possible cap casualties on the Bears? Deep @ WR how many do you think they carry on opening day roster? Submitted by Mr. Dane

Mr. Dane, the Bears don’t need to make any salary cap moves at this point, so I don’t see any “cap casualties” looming, but they don’t want to overpay for players who might not get the playing time to justify their salaries.

The Bears are a young team looking to take a significant step forward for the second straight year, so cap casualties are more likely to be a possibility after this season.

But all that said, while I don’t expect this at all, it wouldn’t be shocking to me if Taylor Gabriel was outplayed in camp and let go to save a few bucks, assuming Ridley, E. Hall and Wims all look like they can play.

Beyond that, while not really cap related, veterans Brad Sowell, Ted Larsen, Jonathan Bullard, Nick Kwiatkoski, Sherrick McManis, Deon Bush and Deandre Houston-Carson will all be fighting for roster spots in Bourbonnais.

If there’s a shocker beyond Gabriel – and again I don’t see this happening – keep an eye on Prince Amukamara.


Tony, I’m sorry, but I’m not really sure what you’re asking for my thoughts on?

I certainly can’t see any downside to having your girls and grandson enjoy some of the non-football aspects of the Bears, and I suppose having them look forward to “Club Dub” could encourage them to pull for the team to win.

You should probably have them spend more time at the Bears official web site, too (after visiting us at PFW, of course) as it does offer a lot of feature and club-sponsored content that, while not news or objective analysis, could help them get closer to the team and the game.

If you’re asking what I think about “Fun Monday,” “Club Dub,” etc., I think it’s all part of the culture Matt Nagy is trying to create. I do think controlling your culture is a huge aspect of building a winning football team and as long as it’s working, as it appears to be, I think it’s a great way to make the players a family and generate interest from the fans.

Also, since you’re a regular, I’m just curious, why always all caps?

Any chance Gerald McCoy joins the Bears?

McCoy is a great football player who probably has a few good years left in him and would be a great addition to any team.

But because he is so valuable, and there are a number of teams out there with much greater needs at the position than the Bears, I expect the price is going to get a little high and the Bears really don’t have a need.

Akiem Hicks is a Pro Bowler, Eddie Goldman could have a Pro Bowl (or more) in his future and the team is trying to find as many snaps as it can for Roy Robertson-Harris, Bilal Nichols and Jonathan Bullard.

With the very real possibility that both Nichols and Robertson-Harris could be breakout stars this year and two stars already on the depth chart in Hicks and Goldman, it’s hard to see them spending big to bring in McCoy, who would basically be blocking Robertson-Harris and Nichols from playtime.

That said, if the price is right, you can never have too much top-end talent.

But based on their current situation, I don’t see much (if any) chance of it happening.

Who benefits more, Ha Ha or Rodgers when it comes to a familiarity advantage? Submitted by Brad Chambers

Brad, I don’t think either one really benefits all that much.

Aaron Rodgers is Aaron Rodgers, and knowing what he can do and how he does it has little to do with being able to stop him.

Unless Rodgers has certain “tells” that Clinton-Dix has picked up over the years – and I highly doubt that he does or other sharp football minds would have picked up on them too – slowing or stopping him is near impossible — no matter who you are, even if you played with him over the years.

Rodgers might have some ideas about how to attack Clinton-Dix, but the reality is Ha Ha’s concerns/weaknesses are more vs. the run and/or open-field tackling than they are in the pass game and it’s very hard to isolate a safety with the run game or in the open field in coverage.

Clinton-Dix is one of the better ball-hawking safeties in the game, and the only advantage Rodgers might have is knowing that well enough to try and stay away from him.

Why did the Texans screw up the draft so bad? New GM overmatched?

I’m sorry, but what draft are we talking about? Since you’re saying “New GM,” I assume you’re talking about this year’s and we won’t have any idea how they did for at least two and quite possibly three seasons.

Tytus Howard and Max Scharping are two highly thought of tackle prospects who just happen to be from smaller schools, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if both turn out to be very good football players.

I didn’t have Lonnie Johnson as high as a few other corners who were available at 54, but I definitely had him as a Day Two pick. So let’s see how he does.

Kahale Warring was one of my favorite prospects in this draft and I had him slotted 80-to-100, so I have no problem with him at 86, and I think there’s a good chance Xavier Crawford can carve out a nice NFL career as a No. 3 corner, maybe even a No. 2.

I’m not as familiar with seventh-round RB Cullen Gillaspia, but Texas DL Charles Omenihu is certainly a reasonable fit at No. 161 and could even prove to be a steal.

If you are, don’t assume just because they worked the smaller schools and lesser programs a lot that these kids can’t play.

I don’t flat out love what they did, but based on value I’m rating them middle of the pack among the 32 teams right now for this draft and now we wait and see.

Never try and analyze a draft in less than two seasons — and three is preferable.

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