Keith Ellison seeks to reassure voters after allegation

August 17, 2018

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison returned to the campaign trail Friday in his quest to become Minnesota attorney general, where he is trying to move past an allegation he domestically abused his ex-girlfriend.

He reiterated his denial of the allegation at a door-knocking event in north Minneapolis on Friday. He said he will not drop out of the race and will seek the DFL endorsement at the partys state executive committee meeting Saturday.

I believe Ill be endorsed and were working hard to make that happen, Ellison said. But I understand that these allegations have introduced something that, you know, that people have to contend with.

Karen Monahan, Ellisons ex-girlfriend, has described a 2016 incident where Ellison screamed at her while trying to drag her off a bed by her legs and feet. Monahans son brought the allegation to light last Saturday in a Facebook post, where he said he saw a video of what happened on his mothers computer. Monahan later affirmed her sons comments and said she used her phone to record the situation.

She told CBS News Thursday it was the only time Ellison was physically violent during their relationship, and she does not want to share the video because it is traumatizing. Monahan could not be reached Friday for further comment.

Ellison won the DFL primary Tuesday, receiving widespread support across the state even after the allegation emerged over the weekend. He will compete with Republican Doug Wardlow for attorney generals job in the November general election.

National womens advocacy groups UltraViolet and the National Organization for Women have called for Ellison to withdraw from the race for Minnesotas chief legal officer and said they believe survivors of domestic violence.

At Fridays event in Minneapolis, Ellison gave the group of about 15 volunteers a short pep talk and told them to focus on the issues, like protecting senior citizens from scams, lowering drug prices and fighting for equality for women, immigrants and people of color. He then addressed a group of reporters. He said he is trying to assure voters who might be rethinking their support that their trust in him was well-placed.

Not only did I not do this, I will continue to be an advocate for safe homes for all people, especially women. I will continue to be a fierce opponent of domestic violence, he said.

Millions of women have been abused or mistreated and not believed, Ellison said, and thats a real problem.

I dont believe everybody who says something should be believed just because they said it, but I do believe people should be listened to, he said.

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