Orchids and Onions: Saturday, May 18, 2019

May 19, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Nextcare Urgent Care on Mesquite. Minimal wait even when everyone had the respiratory crud. Front desk gal was very pleasant, and P.A. Janet Marinelli professional and knowledgeable. I had no doctor at the time so this place and the people were a godsend. Thank you.

Onions to advertised 24/7 emergency pet care that turns away “new” patient in obvious distress, agony. Our own vet was too busy, overbooked already, referred us to vet clinic that accepts walk-ins…but only their own. She died on the way to Kingman.

Orchids to Randy of Seymour Painting. Professional. Reasonable. Hard working. Very honest. Did a beautiful job painting our house despite a few challenges from the owners. We would highly recommend. The Petri’s.

Onions to people who feel being nasty, rude and stating untruths to any service company will get them their way. Even entitled customers have to wait. No referrals your way.

Orchids to all donors, both blood and organs, you saved my wife’s life.

Onions to woman at the outdoor event with dandruff. I stood behind you. When the wind came up it felt like sand blowing in my eyes. Others incurred the same problem. I believe it was your dandruff. My husband had severe dandruff. I bought him medicated shampoo. Hopefully you do the same plus use it.

Orchids to the gentleman in Chico’s who, upon leaving said to me: “You look good today.” Your random act of kindness made my day! Thank You!

Onions to sketchy Romeo who actually took the time to write about the “knockout beauty” at Smith’s. You snooze, you lose. I don’t think you have a million of anything, including brain cells.

Orchids to Thomas, our waiter at Shugrue’s, for his outstanding professionalism and charming personality. He was a pure delight and so accommodating. His excellent service did not go unnoticed. The Four Golden Girls and One Dark Beer!

Onions to the person who said that political opinions to not belong in the Orchids and Onions. Didn’t you just do that? Stupid is as stupid does!

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