Early Christmas: New program means tuition help for 513 MCC students

November 30, 2018

BULLHEAD CITY — Some Mohave Community College students are getting an unexpected holiday gift: a notice from the college that their tuition balances are going down.

A new award created by the college is the cause.

The Retention and Completion Initiative Award has been granted to 513 students, MCC announced Thursday. The program was launched in the fall semester.

“This will help empower our students to succeed,” college President Michael Kearns said. “The initiative focuses on assisting students with the basic need of paying for tuition and fees.”

The majority of the students had not received any federal financial aid or scholarships. The awards were disbursed through the newly established Student Accounts Office.

Representatives from the college call center, MCC Connect, reached out to each student to inform them they had received the award and would see a reduction in their tuition balances.

At the direction of the president, the student services division performed a review, which began a couple of months ago, so the students were unaware they had been chosen until they were notified by MCC within the past two weeks.

Student responses ranged from pleased to excited to extremely grateful, the college reports.

“We had one student tell us that her work hours had just been reduced significantly and she was worried about making her scheduled payment for tuition and fees,” said Erica Dysart, MCC Connect manager. “She was elated to be an RCI Award recipient because it ended her stress and allowed her to focus on a strong finish to the fall semester.”

Dysart said another student was overjoyed when she was told she was an RCI award recipient and called it “a blessing, just in time for Christmas.”

The amount of the award varies. Some students received a couple of hundred dollars, and a few received up to $1,500.

Students were chosen based upon financial need and a student services division review.

“It’s called the Retention & Completion Initiative Award because MCC wants to help the students stay in school and complete their education, so they graduate with the degrees and/or certificates they’re are working hard to obtain,” college spokesman James Jarman said.

Spring classes at MCC start Jan. 14. Prospective students may sign up at www.mohave.edu, or by calling 1-866-664-2832 to schedule a meeting with an admissions specialist.

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