Second grand jury to be empaneled

September 14, 2018

KINGMAN — Due to an increase in criminal cases, a second Mohave County grand jury will convene next month and meet every other Tuesday.

Superior Court’s second grand jury will start Oct. 16.

Superior Court Judge Rick Lambert will handle the verdict returns and empaneling the grand jury, Superior Court Administrator Kip Anderson said.

The current grand jury meets every Thursday. Superior Court Commissioner Billy Sipe Jr. handles the verdict returns and empanels the jury.

Every four months, about 60 county residents are summoned to serve on the current Mohave County grand jury. Jurors are chosen from voter registration or the motor vehicle department.

The Superior Court judge will oversee the jury selection, picking 16 jurors and four alternates who will serve as the county’s grand jury for 16 weeks. The reason for a second grand jury is an increase in criminal cases.

It takes nine jurors to indict a defendant, regardless of how many jurors are present. If there is an indictment, that criminal case will go before one of the three criminal judges. The current grand jury hears between 25 to 30 cases each Thursday.

After hearing evidence presented by the county attorney’s office, police officers and prosecutors, the jurors vote to either indict or not to indict a defendant on felony charges. A grand jury session is closed to the public.

The cost of a second grand jury will be paid by the Superior Court’s budget. Grand jurors are paid the same as a regular trial juror, $12 a day plus mileage. Colorado City residents are usually put up overnight in a Kingman motel.

Mohave County currently has three full time court commissioners and seven Superior Court judges.

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