WESTPORT, Conn. (AP) _ Martha Stewart is moving out of this wealthy Connecticut suburb, fed up with what she calls an ``unfriendly neighborhood atmosphere'' and a difficult commute to New York City.

In a piece Stewart wrote for The New York Times Magazine on Sunday, she said she is sad to think about leaving the town she has called home for 28 years. But she said Westport ``just doesn't work'' for her any more.

Stewart said that although she used to be friendly with her neighbors, today she knows few of them. She said she offered fresh eggs or garden produce to newcomers, and was rebuffed twice _ ``once with a slammed door!''

``As hard as it will be to leave my Westport home, I no longer feel connected to the neighborhood, the neighbors or even the town,'' she said.

Stewart said she will probably live in Manhattan full time, though she may end up moving to another town near the city.