Falling snow in Nebraska is a good time to winterize vehicles

November 11, 2018

OMAHA - A reminder to all Nebraskans to make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter weather. Bob Fenster is the service manager for Buchanan’s Service Center in Omaha and says a quick check now can save you problems down the road, literally.

Fenster says, “Make sure you have air in the tires and they are properly inflated. Make sure you have good tires. Snow tires if you can, otherwise good all-season radials. Have good wiper blades. You are going to want to see when the snow is falling.”

Along with the wiper blades, make sure the windshield wiper fluid container is full as motorists tend to go through it faster in the winter months due to road spray.

You won’t even get out of the driveway if your battery fails. Fenster says make sure your battery will last the season. He says it the anti-freeze is also very important. Have that system tested so you have the proper strength to protect your engine. It also helps prevent corrosion in the cooling system.

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