Elementary set to end after season seven

December 20, 2018

The upcoming season of ‘Elementary’ will be its last.

The CBS TV series - which offers a contemporary take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective Sherlock Holmes - is set to be axed by the US network after seven seasons.

The show - which features Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu - has been a cash cow for producers CBS Television Studios, which has been able to make money due to foreign sales and a Netflix deal.

However, its audience has been dwindling over recent series and the upcoming season - which is poised to air in 2019 - will bring the show to a natural conclusion, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jonny, 46, previously admitted to relishing the opportunity of playing Sherlock Holmes.

He confessed: “It was a good fit. It’s a wonderful character that had been.

“The skeleton for the character was very strong, in the original script. So then, you try to do that justice. And then, getting into the literature, I can tailor that suit to fit me.”

Jonny also revealed his good friend Benedict Cumberbatch - who stars in the popular BBC show ‘Sherlock’ - has been enthusiastic about his performance in ‘Elementary’.

He shared: “Benedict sent me some messages, when he’d first seen the show, and it was really, really nice. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have sent me a text message saying, ‘You suck!’ He’s been very supportive, the whole way.”

Asked what he particularly enjoyed about the role, Jonny added: “He can be quite opinionated. I really like it when he’s talking about subjects that he loves, whether it be lock-picking or bee-keeping.

“I really love the hobby side of him, really. I feel he finds the political stuff a little bit tedious and he’s not so wrapped up in such things.”

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