BOSTON — Now that a jury has convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on all charges, even more is at stake in the next phase of the federal trial: The same 12 people must decide whether the 21-year-old lives or dies. By Denise Lavoie.

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NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina — The South Carolina police officer charged with murder after video surfaced of him shooting a fleeing suspect in the back was allowed to stay on the force despite an earlier complaint he used excessive force against an unarmed man. By Mitch Weiss and Michael Biesecker.

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WASHINGTON — For nearly a half-century, Ben Cardin has been a state legislator, a member of the U.S. House and, for the last eight years, a U.S. senator. Now, he's an ambassador of sorts, representing multiple constituencies in a tense and complex standoff over the threat a nuclear Iran could pose to Israel and the United States. By Laurie Kellman and Deb Riechmann.

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HAVANA — Cubans overwhelmingly expect detente with the United States to alter their widely disliked economic system, according to a rare poll of 1,200 people across the island. By Michael Weissenstein.

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CARACAS, Venezuela — A senior U.S. diplomat was in Venezuela for talks with President Nicolas Maduro ahead of a regional summit in which tensions between Caracas and Washington threatened to overshadow a thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations. By Fabiola Sanchez.

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MEXICO CITY — The U.S. Treasury Department announces sanctions on Mexico's violent and growing Jalisco New Generation cartel a day after the gang mounted a bloody ambush that killed 15 Mexican police officers. By E. Eduardo Castillo.

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SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — A former general linked to human rights abuses during El Salvador's civil war in the 1980s was deported by the U.S. and flown to his home country, where officials said he faces no charges or restrictions on his movements. By Marcos Aleman.

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KINGSTON, Jamaica — Opening a three-day trip to the Caribbean and Central America, President Barack Obama hopes to capitalize on mutual needs in the face of expanding Chinese influence and weakening power by Venezuela, once the energy juggernaut of the Americas. By Jim Kuhnenn and David McFadden.


PANAMA CITY — About 100 supporters of Cuba's government aggressively heckled dissidents from the communist-run island attending a civil society forum at the start of the Summit of the Americas in Panama. By Joshua Goodman and Andrea Rodriguez.

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SAN SALVADOR — El Salvador had more homicides in March than any other single month in a decade, a dark moment that some attribute to the collapse of a gang truce and that could mark a trend of greater violence to come. The country is on pace to pass Honduras as the deadliest peace-time country in the world. By Marcos Aleman and Alberto Arce.

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DALLAS — Alcoa Inc. posts a first-quarter profit that beat Wall Street expectations but its revenue fell short as it continues to transform itself into a supplier for the auto and aerospace industries. Alcoa was helped by aluminum prices that were 10 percent higher than a year ago. By David Koenig.



LOS ANGELES — American actors don't always stick to the script the way their U.K. counterparts do, but that's OK, according to two top writer-producers. By Lynn Elber.

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