Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, August 21, 2018

August 21, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Tony in the radiology department at the HRMC. You’re always so concerned and caring about my comfort, especially during my arthrogram/MRI.

Orchids to our Lake Havasu Police Department about clothing and many beer cans at Mesquite Bay on the shore. Did someone skinny dip and drown? I told the officer “I hope I’m not wasting your time.” He said “It’s never a waste of time to call us.” (No one drowned.)

Orchids to Carburetion Specialties for keeping our boats safe and running well on the lake to have fun! Excellent work and good services. Jake

Orchids to John and Donna W. for generous donation of holiday decorations, kitchen goods, linens and other items. Also the beautiful hats; we will cherish them. Have an awesome new adventure. All of Us at Prestige Assisted Living

Onions to the school district. Following a review of academic progress in our public schools, I can only imagine how much better education might become if all of the money were not spent on a football field.

Onions to the place for treating good employees disrespectfully, ripping them off for overtime and now refuse to give paycheck when customers give kudos in Yelp. Sent thank you card with bonus to an employee who was forced to quit. Appalling.

Orchids to the best neighbors. Yes, we mean you, KK FG. We know how special you are.

Orchids to Joe at Essential Balance for Life. You really helped me with my fibromyalgia problems. Also, loved your free and educational class. Haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Onions to the place for not seeing to it that a young couple involved in a biking accident on I-40 could check in at 1 p.m. on a Sunday. They were from out of town and in dire need. I held on to their gear while the wife was in the ER.

Orchids to our neighbor Kathie for calling us while we were out of town about a water problem in our home. She went beyond being a good neighbor and friend. Shut off water at the street, vacuumed and cleaned up what water she could and saved our house from flooding. Ron and Pat

Orchids to Samons Air Conditioning for excellent service. Caring, professional employees and the best price. Job done perfectly in one day. Sincerely Zosia

Orchids to the prettiest and best waitress at the new restaurant, Four Clovers. Thanks, Yvette, for the great service. P and G

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