LETTER: League appreciates support for forums

March 28, 2019

During the current legislative session, the League of Women Voters of Sioux City sponsored three non-partisan Town Hall meetings. These were opportunities for our legislators to update the public about bills going through the legislative process.

We would like to thank Senators Jim Carlin and Jackie Smith and Representatives Jacob Bossman, Chris Hall and Tim Kacena for making time in their schedules to attend. Thank you to the Sioux City Public Museum for providing the place and equipment for these events. LWVSC also thanks Korey Cantrell, moderator for all three Town Halls, and students from the Mayor’s Youth Commission who were time keepers. And to everyone who was able to attend, LWVSC appreciates your interest in the issues and the questions that you asked.

Next year will be the 100th anniversary of both the League of Women Voters and the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote after an 80-year campaign. LWVSC is currently working on a variety of programs for the 100th anniversary. Follow our Facebook page (League of Women Voters of Sioux City) for more information. - Dagna Simmons, co-president, League of Women Voters of Sioux City