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Excerpts Of Radio Chat Between Rabin And Hussein During Flyover With AM-Israel-Peace, Bjt

August 3, 1994

Undated (AP) _ Excerpts from the conversation Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Jordan’s King Hussein held in English during the king’s flyover of the Jewish state. The conversation was carried live on Israel radio.


Rabin: ″Your majesty. Welcome to Israel, even though in the air. I am sure that the people of Israel are happy about the Washington declaration. Today it was approved in the Knesset by 91 out of 96 members of the Knesset. And no doubt it is a new opening in our relations. Thank you very much, your majesty. Over.″

Hussein: ″Prime minister, it is wonderful to hear you, and I am very, very happy to learn from you of the welcome that the Washington declaration has received in the Knesset. And I thank you so much for your kind and warm welcome. It is wonderful to be overflying your country for the first time in a civilian aircraft. ... I hope, sir, that we meet before too long. And to the people of Israel and to your good self, all our best wishes and our prayers for peace. Shalom.″

Rabin: ″Your majesty, I see you now, your plane over me and I am really happy that you are looking and having the opportunity to see Tel Aviv from the air. What is your impression of Tel Aviv, your majesty.″

Hussein: ″Beautiful city, sir.″

Rabin: ″Your majesty, thank you very much. I hope that in your flight over Jerusalem you’ll see the tremendous development of this holy city and all the work that has been done there. And let’s hope that this city will be the city of peace for the future of all the peoples in the region. Over.″

Hussein: ″That is indeed our fervent hope, and we will do everything we can to seek in our region a comprehensive peace ... all the formalities that have interfered with us, and it will be normal between neighbors and friends.″

Rabin: ″Your majesty, I hope that whatever we started will be continued and we’ll see the results, or at least the beginning of the results, in the new future.″

Hussein: ″That is our dearest wish. Thank you so much.″

Rabin: ″Your majesty, thank you very much and nice landing in Amman. Over.″

Hussein: ″Thank you very much indeed prime minister. Please convey our deep appreciate for the wonderful welcome and the very, very fine escort that we have had. And it’s lovely to be flying over this city and I hope that we will meet again sometime very, very soon. And thank you for good wishes. Bye- bye.″

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