VINELAND, N.J. (AP) — A man already accused of killing one New Jersey woman is now accused of killing another woman found dead in the basement of her home on New Year's Eve in 2011.

Cumberland County prosecutors accuse 33-year-old Daniel Brennan with the strangulation murder of Courtney Allen, 24, in Vineland. Prosecutors said the two had a 2-year-old child together and Allen also was six months pregnant with Brennan's baby at the time of the murder.

Authorities said in an affidavit of probable cause that a woman told investigators in May that Brennan assaulted her during a domestic dispute and said "he was going to kill her like he killed Courtney."

Prosecutors said Allen was killed by "asphyxia due to neck compressions" and her body had been moved and "repositioned" prior to police arriving at the home. Brennan was interviewed three times and gave contradictory information, police said.

The Greenwich resident was already accused of first- and third-degree murder and other counts in the beating death of Leeann Foltrauer, 31, of Pitman. Prosecutors described him as an unemployed warehouse worker who recently moved in with Foltrauer, who was found dead in mid-July.

Defense attorney Alex Varghese pointed to the length of time between Allen's death and the charges brought against Brennan and questioned what "new evidence" there was to assure that the state had a convincing case.

Varghese also said no time of death was listed on Allen's autopsy report, saying that raised questions about Brennan's whereabouts at the time. And he expressed concern about the case being tried in the court of public opinion, saying his client's presumption of innocence could be "tainted" by "insinuations and references" to the other case.