Pick best candidate to beat Walker -- Tom Neuser

July 30, 2018

Know your enemy. Democrats should consider the wisdom of Chinese general Sun Tzu in selecting a candidate for governor.

Gov. Scott Walker will be relentlessly on message in the coming campaign, touting his successes in giving tax rebates while fixing roads with borrowed money. He will take credit for every Foxconn job he bought with nearly $3 billion collected from Wisconsin’s hard-working taxpayers.

His minions of dark money, having perfected the politics of resentment, will be equally relentless in savaging the eventual Democrat candidate, particularly if that candidate can be tied to Madison or Milwaukee. The governorship will not be decided in urban Wisconsin, however -- it will be decided north of Highway 10. Democrats would do well to nominate someone already known in that area.

Tony Evers has won three statewide races for superintendent of Public Instruction, and Kathleen Vinehout has served in the Wisconsin Senate since 2006. Both are experienced politicians known to their constituents and therefore resistant to lies and distortions. Both hold reasonable and nuanced positions on education, the environment, health care and infrastructure.

Most importantly, both seem able to move the state forward and unite the citizenry to meet the challenges waiting in 2019 and beyond.

Any of the Democrats running for governor would be better than Scott Walker, but these two stand out as the most electable.

Tom Neuser, Madison

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