Don’t let Trump ignore climate change -- Irwin Kass

November 30, 2018

Climate change is real. The science is proven. Just ask the people of California.

President Donald Trump’s tweets are lies. It was cruel of him to bury the truth when the nation is busy shopping for Christmas. He is the Scrooge of our time. He is a master at exploiting weakness.

Watching CNN’s series about the Kennedys reminded me of President Donald Trump’s qualities. Trump is a bully like President Lyndon B. Johnson, unfaithful like Presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, a liar like President Richard Nixon and ignorant like Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Because he doesn’t seem to care how these flaws translate into bad policy, he is the sum total of the worst parts of our former presidents.

Climate change was here before and will be here after this president. But he has the power to make a difference and slow its effects. How many of future generations will die because this president would rather fool us into believing climate change is a hoax? If we let him get away with it, we are truly fools.

Congress needs to do more about this issue and less about fencing in the border, no matter what the president says.

Irwin Kass, Madison

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