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Duplicators Cheer ‘Titanic’ Release

September 4, 1998

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) _ Linda Fisher has been immersed in ``Titanic″ since May.

She works as a final inspector at Deluxe Video Services Inc., which has been making millions of copies of ``Titanic″ for Paramount to release on video.

So what did the company do to show its gratitude to the hundreds employees who worked so hard to bring the blockbuster to videostore shelves? It gave them a free showing of the movie, of course.

``Titanic″ would play in all four break rooms at Deluxe continuously for 24 hours in order to catch the shifts on Thursday and Friday.

On her break Thursday, she finally was able to feel like her head was above water again.

Fisher said her shift inspected at least 3 million copies of the video. One week, she worked 36 hours of overtime, which left no time to curl up with some popcorn and watch an epic movie.

``We put our lives on hold while we were doing this,″ Fisher said.

Medy Swann, another final inspector, saw the movie on the big screen. Not deterred by the long hours spent inspecting the movie’s labels at the plant, she plans to watch it on video.

``Titanic″ was released on video Sept. 1.

Machine operator Tanya Humber stuck labels and bar codes on too many cassettes to count. She said she was surprised the employees got to watch part of the movie on their break _ even if it was only in 15-minute snippets.

``They teased us with it and then we had to get back to work,″ she said.

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