NHS on protecting pup’s paws from hot surfaces

July 15, 2018

OMAHA - Heat advisories are in effect for much Nebraska today as temperatures reach the mid-90’s with heat index values in the triple digits. Nebraska Humane Society’s Pam Wiese wants dog owners to remember some simple rules if you are taking walks in this hot weather. Pup’s paw pads are tender so watch where you walk.

Wiese says, “Put your hand down or slip your flip-flop off and put your foot down and if it is too hot for you it is likely too hot for your dog. That is kind of the rule for everything, whether it is a pet in a car or a pet in an area that is not shady and it is hot in the sun. If you are starting to feel the heat you can bet he is too.”

The pads on dog’s feet are tender and can blister causing of lot of pain for your pet. Avoid walking on asphalt as that absorbs the heat. Concrete that has direct contact with the sun can also be dangerous to pet’s paws.

Wiese suggests walking your dog in the early morning or later evening when it is a bit cooler. You may want to shorten the walk time heat can take a toll on a dog quickly. You may also want to find a grassy or dirt area so paws won’t get damaged. Having your dog wear booties is another option.

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