Mat making groups will display work on Sunday

November 11, 2018
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Helping Hands Together and Knit Whits will display their handwoven mats Sunday, Nov 11, at Cross Roads United Methodist Church.

HUNTINGTON — In June of 2016, 12 ladies began a project making mats for the homeless. These mats were distributed to provide some comfort for the homeless and veterans in the area. The group grew, and are called “Helping Hands Together” and the “Knit Whits.” In the beginning, three different churches were the first involved with making mats. Today, the groups have grown with several churches helping in mat production. Mats have already been delivered to Harmony House and the Huntington City Mission.

Businesses and congregations have helped these ladies create mats with donations

that have supplied them with clean new bags. Each bag is then cut, opened, twisted and rolled into balls, also called “skeins” of plastic yarn (Plarn) to be crocheted.

One mat can use 500-600 plastic bags and takes approximately 60 hours between cutting, opening and crocheting to the reach the final out come in a completed mat.

Churches involved in undertaking and completing mats are: St. Ann’s, St. Peter Claver, St. Joe’s, and Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Churches, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Harmony United Methodist and Cross Roads United Methodist Churches.

To honor the work of “Helping Hands Together” and the “Knit Whits,” the public is invited to view these mats on Sunday, Nov 11, at Cross Roads United Methodist Church, located on the corner of Saltwell Road and Norway Avenue, starting at 11 a.m.

Mats for Veterans and Homeless will be on the altar for display.

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