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On the Light Side

May 5, 1990

JACKSON, Tenn. (AP) _ Since school rules said they couldn’t wear shorts, a few boys at a high school decided to protest. They wore skirts.

Principal Noel Long said no one was suspended or missed class because of Thursday’s protest.

Darell Wilson, 17, said at least three boys wore skirts.

″I heard some students in a classroom guffawing″ at one male student who wore a skirt over his pants, Long said.

″I told him if he insisted on disrupting the classroom I would have to suspend him,″ Long said. The student removed the skirt.

Student Corey Vann said Long made an announcement over the intercom Thursday morning asking teachers to send boys wearing skirts to the office.

″I think it’s stupid,″ Vann said of the rule. ″Girls can wear ’em.″

According to a school handbook, neither sex is allowed to wear shorts.

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