Letter: Karen Drews Munoz

December 17, 2018

Ostom’s diatribe is partisan rubbish and another apologetic try to support Trump’s version of “American Exceptionalism” and normalize Trump’s behavior and deviancy.

The suggestion that we should congratulate Trump for his trade negotiations is laughable, as our agricultural community continues to suffer and the stock market is demonstrating remarkable instability.

Our national debt is soaring and there has been little benefit to the majority of Americans from the lauded tax cut.

Destroying our necessary institutions; dismissing the need to support human rights; justifying barbaric behavior with the personal need to back dictators and make money; and, taking babies away from their mothers are not “Traditional American Values.”

Singling out Ocasio-Cortez for running on universal healthcare when the majority of Americans want coverage (entitlement or right?) is disingenuous. And as for her “word slips,” she cannot hold a candle to Trump’s dishonest verbiage.

Perhaps Republican women will step forward and try to provide leadership on bipartisan legislation. But there are very few of them. The party is dominated by older white men who are afraid of the “other” and willing to compromise their “traditional values” in an attempt at maintaining unity under Trump. If the Post Bulletin is really serious about promoting bipartisanship and understanding, a more balanced Editorial Page might be a good first step.

Karen Drews Munoz, Rochester

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