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Weekly Petroleum Review

February 9, 1989

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Total crude oil runs to stills averaged 13,371,000 barrels daily during the week ended Friday, Feb. 3, the American Petroleum Institute reported Thursday. This compared with 13,371,000 barrels daily in the previous week and 12,933,000 barrels daily a year earlier.

Crude runs east of California averaged 10,766,000 barrels daily compared with 10,777,000 the previous week and 10,421,000 a year ago.

Motor gasoline production for the latest week amounted to 6,887,000 barrels a day, compared with 6,918,000 barrels a day in the previous week and 6,664,000 a day a year ago.

East of California motor gasoline production was 5,688,000 a day compared with 6,778,000 a day last week and 5,473,000 a day a year ago.

Motor gasoline stocks at the end of the latest week were 243,772,000 barrels, versus 240,047,000 a week earlier and 241,142,000 a year ago.

East of California motor gasoline stocks totaled 208,997,000 barrels compared with 205,489,000 in the previous week and 207,805,000 barrels last year.

Daily average gross crude oil and lease condensate production for the week ended Friday was 7,913,000 barrels compared with 8,211,000 last year.

Crude oil stocks totaled 332,759,000 barrels at the close of last week, against 325,636,000 a week previous and 338,354,000 a year ago.

East of California crude stocks amounted to 255,771,000 barrels, compared with 248,827,000 a week earlier.

Daily imports east of California for the week ended Friday were crude oil, 5,323,000 barrels, residual fuel oil, 827,000, distillate fuel oil, 342,O00, and others 1,365,000, a total of 7,857,000 barrels.

California imports were: crude oil 216,000 barrels, and products 57,000, a total of 273,000 barrels, for a grand total of 8,130,000.

For the four weeks, daily imports east of California were crude oil 5,380,000 barrels, residual fuel oil 467,000, distillate fuel oil 186,000, and others 695,000, for a total of 6,728,000 barrels.

For the four weeks, California daily imports averaged for crude oil 212,000 barrels, products 63,000, a total of 275,000 barrels, for a grand total of 7,003,000.

The following table shows comparative daily production of the other principal refined products for the U.S. as a whole and east of California. Also shown are the comparative stock totals for certain refined products. Weekly Refinery Production (In thousands of Barrels Daily) Jet Fuel Total U.S. (Kero-type) Weeks ended: Latest week $ 1,283 Prevs week $ 1,369 Year ago $ 1,217$x

East of California: Latest week $ 968 Prevs week $ 1,014 Year ago $ 894$x Light Fuel Oil Heavy Fuel Oil (Distillate Residual Unfinished

Weeks ended: Latest week $ 2,039 892 Prevs week $ 2,905 925 Year ago $ 2,832 921

East of California: Latest week $ 2,560 579 Prevs week $ 2,459 585 Year Ago $ 2,405 561$x Stocks. (In thousands of barrels). Jet Fuel

Weeks ended: Latest week $ 38,039 Prevs week $ 36,759 Year ago $ 38,115$x

East of California Latest week $ 31,320 Prevs week $ 29,801 Year ago $ 31,628$x Distillate Residual Unfinished Fuel Oil Fuel Oil..Oil

Weeks ended: Latest week $ 117,148 45,374 99,815 Prevs week $ 120,551 45,414 100,146 Year ago $ 123,197 45,077 95,040$x

East of California Latest week $ 106,925 37,261 76,292 Prevs week $ 109,812 37,298 76,672 Year Ago $ 112,936 35,967 71,496$x

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