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Anthrax Major Developments

November 3, 2001

Developments related to anthrax cases:

_ The CDC said a New York Post employee became the nation’s 17th confirmed case of anthrax since the bioterrorism crisis began last month.

_ Anthrax tests at the Morgan Processing and Distribution Center in Manhattan found evidence of bacteria spores on six mail-sorting machines and in a dust-removing machine. CDC officials recommended 60-day courses of antibiotics for some workers at the mail center.

_ In Kansas City, the Stamp Fulfillment Center was closed after the CDC confirmed discovery of two microscopic patches of anthrax spores on a trash container. Officials recommended 60 days of antibiotics for the center’s 240 workers. The center received mail from Brentwood, the Washington postal center that processed an anthrax-laced envelope delivered to Sen. Tom Daschle’s office.

_ A previously unexplained New Jersey case of skin anthrax was linked to a mail box, which officials said was ``a good sign″ because it fit the pattern of previous cases.

_ One of the government’s top bioterrorism advisers, Dr. D.A. Henderson, predicted that more people are likely to become infected before the anthrax-by-mail scare recedes.

_ Democratic congressmen said families of those who died from anthrax should be included in the special fund created by Congress for victims of the September 11 terror attacks.

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