Len Bekkedahl: Trump haters can’t let it go

September 8, 2018


During a recent walk a pair of small angry noisy ankle biters carried after me.

Their mindless charge was nothing except to interrupt my walk and initiate some curiosity and amusement.

It did, however, bring to mind something seeming very similar and just as futile a very active bunch of Trump haters doing much the same thing, noisy and erroneous in their MSNBC rampage against Trump.

They seem still in shock, hostile and declaring war on an upstart who “stole” their presidency, ruined their lives and left them impotent and obsessed with and handicapped by failure.

It is not easy to bet it all and lose, and of course Trump became the logical victim. And like the dogs, in their noisy pointless revenge seeking mode, they lost it — reason and civility have become like lost balls in tall weeds. They are irrational and offer a continual boring repetitious blather of old and new drivel, without priority or consequence. This bunch are diehard experts at nitpicking.

I suppose we should try to be understanding of their dilemma but is such nonsense is laughable. They were looking, expecting a great happening only to experience a grand failure via Trump.

Now they spend all their time hating Trump, making it known and attempting to destroy him and his presidency no matter the discord or welfare of the country. Their malicious destructive diatribe serves nothing more than vindication and self-gratification and the means to an end. I have a suggestion to all you unhappy soldiers of the cause: Realize you are without consequence, appraise, get a life and perhaps someday find some peace and restoration.

Len Bekkedahl

Lake Havasu City

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