Sheriff’s office receives funding for equipment

November 27, 2018

KINGMAN — Funding from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety will help the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office purchase equipment that will be used to address speeding vehicles and drivers operating under the influence of alcohol.

The amount of the funding was not disclosed, but according to a release from the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, the money will be used to acquire one speed awareness trailer, three moving radar units and eight portable breath testers.

“Speeding complaints continue to be an element of a community’s quality of life concerns,” the released from the sheriff’s office stated. “Speeding vehicles create dangerous conditions for members of the community as they walk and drive in the neighborhoods.”

The speed awareness trailer will provide a mobile unit that can be set up along the roadside to advise motorists of their traveling speed at a specific location.

“By advising motorists of their current speed along with the posted speed limit, we hope to educate and slow down the drivers in our communities,” the sheriff’s office said. “When available, this trailer will be deployed throughout the county in residential and business areas where speeding vehicles have been identified as a continuing problem.”

The mobile radar units will be used when locations warrant additional enforcement.

“As a follow up to the placement of the speed awareness trailer, moving radar units will be utilized to determine the effectiveness of the speed awareness trailers and reinforce the speed limits in our neighborhoods and business districts. Portable breath testers will assist deputies when they have reasonable suspicion that alcohol may be involved during traffic stops or when investigating traffic accidents.

“All together this new equipment provided by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety will assist the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office in keeping our neighborhoods safe by reducing the number of speed and alcohol related traffic incidents.”

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