Trinity Catholic announces new governance model

January 10, 2019

STAMFORD —Trinity Catholic High School has adopted a new governance model where the day-to-day decisions for the school will now be made by a board of directors.

Bishop Frank Caggiano announced the news Tuesday night to families.

“The new governance model is a major step forward as we work to redesign our schools and plan for the future,” Caggiano said in a statement. “The model will help to promote investment and innovation and to contribute to the overall transformation of Catholic education in our diocese.”

According to a press release issued by Trinity Catholic, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport will continue to sponsor the school under the new model and provide global vision. A nine-person board of directors will provide oversight and decision making authority for day-to-day matter at the school.

Trinity Catholic is the second of five Catholic high schools in the diocese to shift to this new governance model, according to the press release. The Catholic Academy of Stamford adopted this model when they formed in 2017.

Caggiano said the shift represents a change in the authority of the board over Trinity Catholic.

“Given the strong business and Catholic school background of the individual directors, we have only the highest expectations for Trinity Catholic High School and the Catholic Academy of Stamford’s future,” Caggiano said in a statement.

The new board of directors will assume responsibility on July 1. Caggiano said a majority of the board members already serve on the Catholic Academy’s board.

This is the most recent in a series of major changes at Trinity Catholic. The school recently completed the second phase of a renovation project which added new classrooms, administrative offices, a guidance wing and a center for the school’s new Learning Center to the building. Trinity Catholic students were relocated to the second and third floors of the building. The Catholic Academy’s upper school with sixth through eighth graders are expected to relocate to the lower floors of the building in fall 2019.

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